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Shocking: Details Uncovered of JIANG Lijun's Torturous Experience in Custody of Shenyang Public Security
(Published in Boxun on Mar 14, 2015)

Boxun has received, after several hands, the letter to Xi Jinping written by rights defender JIANG Lijun's father, who is an old man in his very senior age. The letter has uncovered unimaginable torture that JIANG Lijun (姜力鈞, passport name [姜立軍]) and other detainees have suffered. Some detainee was even tortured to death. The person who harshly treated JIANG Lijun with various forms of torture openly told him that the reason why they treated him this way was that he offended the head officer of Shenyang Public Security Bureau, XU Wenyou (许文有). Even the henchman of the former head officer of Shenyang Procuratorate ZHANG Dongyang (张东阳) who was expelled from office due to corruption took revenge on him.

The interrogators claimed that JIANG Lijun's case was reported to MENG Jianzhu (孟建柱) and even to Xi Jinping's (习近平) attention. In case the illegal activities of Shenyang police are not curbed and punished, the Chinese rule by law and of law will be merely a hollow word. The following is the full letter of accusation:

Letter of Accusation

Respected Chairman XI Jinping,

I am JIANG Haiyong, the father of JIANG Lijun (姜立軍) and a citizen of Diaobingshan, Tieling city, Liaoning province. On May 16. 2014, my son JIANG Lijun was abducted by Criminal Police Division of Shenyang Public Security. On May 18, they officially arrested him in Shenyang No. 1 Detention Center in alleged crimes of incited subversion of state power, picking quarrels and provoking troubles. During the period of abduct and detention, the head officer of Shenyang criminal police division YUE Peng (岳鹏) and his team conducted month long interrogations on him with various torturous methods, severely harming him both physically and mentally.

The incident was triggered by a letter of petition to Secretary of Central Disciplinary Committee WANG Qishan (王岐山) that he wrote on behalf and request of villagers including Wang Zhonglian (王中连) in Faku county, Shenyang, Liaoning, in which he explained that the villagers' lands were occupied by the Liaoning's Water Transportation from East to West Project, but the municipal government allegedly embezzled more than billion Yuan of their compensation funds, leaving the villagers uncompensated at all, yet neither government nor the company occupying their lands would pay them for their lands. This letter enraged the related officials from Shenyang city and even a few from Liaoning province. They took vengeful actions on him and WANG Zhonglian by abusing their power from the public office -- arresting WANG Zhonglian in the crime of defraud and sentenced him to over 10 year imprisonment.

In order to retaliate against him, Shenyang Public Security, under implications of a few leaders, even established a so called 'Apr 25 task force', cooking up false accusations against him, harshly treating him with various brutal means of torturous tactics, forcing him to plead guilty so as to punish him to the most severe extent possible.
Since 2008, he has posted some articles in his blog and weibo, expressing his critics, suggestions and opinions on Liaoning provincial government and reported some facts that a few corrupted officials committed crimes and punished by law. For instance, he wrote an open letter requesting Liaoning provincial government to handle the 'Yilishen Case (蚁力神事件)' and another one requesting Liaoning provincial government to thoroughly investigate into the 'Dalian Bay Shipwreck Accident (大连湾海难事件)'; he also posted an article regarding the deputy chief officer of Panjin Liaison Police shooting villagers dead after firing six shots in a row during the municipal government's forced eviction operation, requesting the provincial public security department to investigate and decide whether the official who killed villagers committed crime of deliberate murder, and holding provincial government leaders accountable for the leadership responsibilities. Besides, he seriously criticized major leaders of Shenyang city and Liaoning provincial governments in various occasions for their "great leap forward" approach in handling FDI and infrastructure projects in the process of urbanization, and for cheating the Central government and people by defrauds with GDP and municipal revenue figures. He also criticized the former provincial executive CHEN Zhenggao (陈政高) of the absurdities of his promotional catch phrase, saying these ideas obviously violated the economic principles; these phrases included "leap forward by breaking the norms"; "board the bus before buying a ticket"; "Try overtaking on a bend"; "create something out of nothing "; "turning the decayed into wonders"; "no return till bumping into the wall simply isn't enough; we hold to it that no return even after bumping into the wall". 。 He (JIANG Lijun) attributed the economic failure hitting the entire province to such approaches. His criticism and essays displeased some municipal leaders, who later made several attempts to take revenge on him.

On Sep 23 2012, the former head officer XUE Heng (薛恒) of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department ordered to detain him for 15 days because he requested that National Public Security Ministry investigate into the case of Panjin police shooting civilians dead; on Jun 3rd 2013, he was detained for 22 days because he dined with his Shenyang friends in a restaurant in Shenyang by the name of disturbing public order by gathering the general public. He was released on bail due to insufficient evidence.

On May 15 2014, Shenyang Public Security Bureau once again abducted him and then arrested him on the excuse that he assisted villagers to defend their rights and re-post in his weibo account the letter to Central Disciplinary Committee by WANG Zhonglian, a peasant from Faku county, Shenyang, which accused local government to have embezzled the compensation fund of land purchase. They used brutal interrogation techniques to force him to surrender and fabricated false evidences in an attempt to put him into jail under felonious crimes.

The officers from Shenyang Public Security Bureau that severely tortured him included a Mr. JIANG , the deputy head officer of criminal police division (刑警支队江副支队长), captain YUE Peng (大队长岳鹏), WANG Kelin (王克麟), someone nicknamed "Da Chengzi" (大程子), someone named "Zhu Dali" (朱大力), LI Wei (李伟), someone called "WANG Dui" (王队, it seems like a surname with the title "captain WANG" -- noted by translator), TANG Ning (唐宁), a Mr. DUAN (段某). These people, while trying to force him to "confess", punched him and kicked him as if boxing on sandbags, twisted one hand from across his shoulder and another from the waist and cuffed them to his back, which they called "SU Qin's sword on the back" (苏秦背剑), hanged him up from the top, choked him by firing cold water into his mouth and nose, took off all his clothes pouring cold water from above his head leading him to sudden heart failure and coma. They clamped his fingers with iron pinchers and threatened to nail pins from his finger nails; they used a substance called "forced confession water" (逼供水)on him, threatened to arrest his son many times, forced him to sign on documents they had prepared beforehand. The cruel torture that YUE Peng and his colleagues brutally treated him has caused extreme harm to his physical and mental conditions: he is suffering chronic headaches and dizziness, numbed limbs, damaged eyesight in the right, and injured nerve in the wrists. Till today, he is denied access to any medical treatment.

As law enforcement officials, YUE Peng and his colleagues unscrupulously break the rule of law. Their activities went completely riot. They trod on all legal restraints with contempt.

YUE Peng asked him, "Do you know why we treat you like this?"
He said he didn't.
YUE Peng said, "you have offended our big boss."
He asked, "Who is your big boss?"
YUE Peng said,"XU Wenyou." (XU is the head officer of Shenyang Public Security Bureau.)

The police "captain WANG" told him, "You have poked through the sky of Liaoning. Bureau head officer XU and provincial Department head officer Dawei have reported your case to Central Public Security Ministry's head officer GUO, who further reported your case to Secretary MENG Jianzhu. MENG Jianzhu said he would immediately report your case to Chairman XI. To tell the truth, if president XI isn't pleased, we'll kill you! We can tolerate 100 murderers, but not a single JIANG Lijun."

YUE Peng said to him,"Be cooperative, or else I'll make you die! Beating you to death will be counted on you as committing suicide in fear of your crimes. You will only make a narrow escape for a survival if you are lucky enough."

Another police called "ZHU Dali" asked while beating him, "Do you know why (I) beat you?"
He replied that he didn't.
"ZHU Dali" said,"You posted online the information that ZHANG Dongyang (the former chief officer of Shenyang Procuratorate, sentenced to life imprisonment for conviction of corruption and power abuse) was taken away for investigations. Fxxking you know who he is? He's the minister of my wedding ceremony. Now that you are in my hand, I 'll beat the Fxxking you to death.

A police named "WANG Kelin" told him, "Even if Procuratorate and Courts release you, I vow to beat you, breaking and paralyzing both your legs at your home."

YUE Peng instructed LI Wei and WANG Kelin to strip off all his clothes and bind him up on tiger bench (an"L" shaped bench to which human body is tied as tightly as possible while piling bricks down the ankles -- Marked by translator). While he was choking him with cold water, he asked,"Your written criticism against city and provincial leaders has been a criminal offense of subversion of state power. Do you know?"

He answered,"Criticism and watch on government is civil rights. What has it to do with subversion of state power? Even ZHOU Yongkang or BO Xilai can't represent state power, how can municipal government leaders in Shenyang city and Liaoning province do?"

YUE Peng said,"Whoever I say represents the state power is the one representing it."

JIANG, the deputy task force leader from the (criminal) division went even more riot: he said, "Our criminal division is the dagger of Shenyang municipal city committee and even of Liaoning provincial committee. We stab whoever we target, and the ones we attack will die."

Such experiences re-affirm his belief that Shenyang, more than an independent state within the state, is also a place of no laws. Judging from the extreme impunity, cruelty, brutality of Shenyang police led by XU Wenyou, the head officer of Shenyang Public Security Bureau, it's no wonder why people call them devil police and cruel officials and Shenyang "the city of nightmares".

Through investigations, it is found that torture against detainees under Shenyang police interrogations is very common in Shenyang No 1 Detention Center. They use many types of torture that general public have never heard of. The cruelty can't be described by human language. Besides the ordinary punching and kicking, they very frequently use water boarding, electrifying, body freezing, nailing pins through finger nails, cuffed both hands at back twisted from the waist and across the shoulder, hanging by bonded wrists from the back, beating while hung up, stuffing pepper roots and mustard oil into nose and mouth, hanging bucket of water on the neck, binding detainee on tiger bench while piling bricks below ankles etc.

Just by learning from other detainees in his cell, No. 118, his co-respondent, and forwarded information to his cell, he can make a long list of detainees being harshly treated with torture. They are: ZHANG Yanjun (张艳军), GAO Mingsheng (高明升), TONG Xiaohui (佟晓徽), YAN Yunzhu (闫云柱), CHEN Houjin (陈厚金), WENG Peng (翁鹏), HUANG Peng (黄鹏), ZHANG Jiayin (张家银), LI Chenggang (李成刚), MENG Qingdong (孟庆东), GUO Qi (果奇), OUYANG Hongbo (欧阳洪波), WANG Yanquan (王彦权), SHAO Bo (邵波), WU Yonghua (吴永华), DUAN Chuanzhi (段传志), HOU Dongsheng (侯东升), ZHANG Hongzhong (张宏忠), ZHAO Hongyan (赵红炎), MA Zhiguo (马志国), QU Lijia (瞿利家), TANG Rong (唐容), QI Xiangyang (齐向阳), WU Yuzhong (吴玉忠), ZHAO Dazhi (赵大志), ZHU Yuanhong (朱远宏), WANG Jun (王俊), DUAN Zemin (段泽民), DONG Gang (董刚), GAO Yun (高云), YANG Lin (杨林), CAO Yunzhen (曹云震), GAO Han (高晗), ZHAO Xiaochun (赵晓春), and SUN Yong (孙勇), among whom, GAO Mingsheng's hair was pulled off, GUO Qi's private part was burnt by electrification, QI Xiangyang's eardrums were broke by beating, WU Yonghua's front teeth were knocked off, DUAN Chuanzhi's ribs were broken, GAO Han, still a freshman from Shenyang Sports College, were hung up by both hands to a machine and severely beaten for more than an hour, TANG Rong, a female detainee, was beaten to broken ribs and fecal incontinence. The most cruel case happened on YANG Lin, a detainee for alleged drug dealing and detained by Shenyang Sujiatun Public Security Bureau, anti-drug division, was beaten to death from vomiting blood. It's said that the government compensated 700,000 Yuan to his family and required his family to admit that he died of disease in the detention center. The family were required not to hold the government responsible in the future. Shenyang police offend the law during law enforcement, scrupulously break the rule of law, maliciously abuse human rights, violently beat principles of humanity and civilization. What they do is terrifying by any standards that human world may know of.

Your honor Mr. XI Jinping, being the chairman of the nation and the General Secretary of CCP Committee, are you shocked as well after reading through the contents of the letter and learned how Shenyang police and leaders of municipal governments and CCP Committee contempt the law, abused the constitution as well as disrespected the legitimacy of law? They did not care the least about CCP disciplines or Chinese laws, and committed a series of dirty and bloody offenses. Whilst the cruel officials and evil police are entrusted to govern the local places, how is it possible to expect them to work on rules, by law, or to enhance social harmony, or actualize justice and righteousness? How can they abide by the principle of the party, I.e., to wholeheartedly serve the people? These officials have no sense of rules, do not respect principals or laws. They aren't to the least extent public servants, but a bunch of wild beasts dressed in human clothes. They appeared to be moral on the surface, but in actual sense are uncivilized thugs that only do only harm to the people and the state. They should be tried by history and punished by law.

"It's my only wish that justice comes like great rainfalls and righteousness like vast rivers." Mr. XI Jinping, when I write this open letter to you, it is right at the Chinese traditional festival-- Lunar New Year's Eve. Right at this moment, outside the iron bar are the splendid fireworks; beyond the high walls are thousands of families' reunions. Yet, while the whole nation are toasting for a new year, how many mothers and wives are crying for their wrongly detained sons and husbands?! And yet, those who maliciously fabricate false accusations and wrongly jailed the detainees ARE enjoying their joys of family lives. Mr. Chairman, the crying for justice and righteousness in our country is never too hard.

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