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Guo Dongli: Latent Student Tendency Claim For Democracy In China
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(July 13, 2014)
Guo Dongli:   Latent Student Tendency Claim For Democracy In China

Guo Dongli:   Latent Student Tendency Claim For Democracy In China

The main sponsor of this student operation known as Guo Dongli (Li Junhong) and Yu Jiahuan are giving an interview to the reporter of Voice of America in their home in San Francisco.

This news had been reported by the DuoWei News and Boxun News in Chinese and an editorial from the Beijing Spring on July 2nd. The domestic students had gave an interview to the reporters of DuoWei News and Boxun News in New York City.

SOUTHERN CHINA-SAN FRANCISCO—As the Chinese Communist Party celebrated its 93 year-old birthday yesterday, the referendum campaigns and demonstrations are also in positive progresses in Hong Kong and in other places. In mainland China, although there is not form a strong opposition as what happen in general in Hong Kong yet, but the domestic students in PRC also start to organize their operations for democracy and to claim for the human rights covertly.

Yesterday, several students, who publicize their real names, including Zhu Jinfu, Yang Lianbin, Liu Yuxiang, Kuang Weisheng, and Tan Haizheng, come from one high school in southern China; they had decided to take an initiative statement which require to quite their positions from the Communist Youth League. They said they want to show their corresponding to the concept of May Fourth Movement: to beckon Mr. Sai (Science) and Mr. De (Democracy), to against dictatorship and challenge tyranny. In their manifesto, they also underlined that they will rather refuse to be the successors of communist; they are reluctant to be the accessories of this dirty society.

In the newly establishment of "Temporary Youth Solidarity Student Alliance", these several students have declared that they are out of the leadership of the school' s party committee. They decide to start a self-organized election and initiate an autonomous class independently. According to what they said: Lu Chen, who is their head-teacher and a minority from Guangxi, also respond to the call of students to quit from the Communist Party.

Zhu Jinfu, Yang Lianbin, Liu Yuxiang and several other students were in the same school. They say they are corresponding to the call of an overseas student call Guo Dongli*; as what Guo said, they should establish the students' autonomous federation in July 1st, the established-date of CCP, in order to achieve a heavy blow to the school’s party committee. In addition, Kuang Weisheng, who is the student leader in China, is also one of the main promoters of this operation. Previously, Kuang also claimed that he had organized several student activities as convener with Guo Dongli*, including organized the "History Salon" to discuss the history and current political affairs with other people in last summer; the commemoration of the May Fourth Movement in schools in the beginning of this year and the secret observances of Tiananmen Democracy Protest about a month ago. Guo and Kuang both are the main sponsors of these activities.

While establish an independent student organization, but the students say the school did not take immediate action to repress. They expect the independent student organization will be extended on country-wide in the future. In next few days, they will continue to develope more student to join this operation, to show their support to the democracy and the actions taking in Hong Kong currently. "There also comes the final exam in this week in mainland China," Guo Dongli* says, " but the social activities will not affect their study; social activities is a real large classroom, it will be much closer to the goals of education called "innovative ideas" and "independent thinking."

Recently, there are frequent changes within the Chinese Communist Party; there have Wan Qingliang, the Party Secretary of Guangzhou, and Xu Caihou, the former Vice Chairman Central Military Commission of PLA, were "double rules" (detained and interrogated); this has been shows the upheaval of the internal politic of Chinese government. And these young Chinese students, who will dominate China in the future, are not to be outdone. They are awakening.

*Guo Dongli, who also name Li Junhong, is a Chinese social activist who born in 1997. He was participate ambitiously in the in the establishment of the independent student organization, Student Association for the Study of Modern Society (a former student organization which claim for democracy and human right reform) in school in mainland China; once he was the member of standing committee of the students' autonomous federation. After the persecution from the school's official party in China, he came to the United States in 2010. Currently, he is live and study in the United States. As a politic commentator on the Internet and an amateur contributor of the publishing houses in Taiwan & Hong Kong, he is work on the history and politics of Modern China; he also has several academic essays about politic and history. In the future, he said he will continue to claim for the democracy reform in China and participate in the social activities. [博讯首发,转载请注明出处]- 支持此文作者/记者(boxun.com) 3830837


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