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Fraud Auctioneer in Florida and North Carolina

(Jan. 24, 2014)"Although Mr. Nadel seems to be a professional thief, a letter with a legal header often persuades someone to take action."

This is a discussion message from Mr. Hoffman who lost items to Estate Galleries Auction located at: 1017 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608
Phone:(919) 900-8669

From BBB.org, a few complaints about this auctioneer: bought item shipped wrong; sold item not paid. Finally, letters to this auctioneer cannot be delivered.

Yes, it moved to Florida, or it should be said Moved Back to Florida.

Sometime in 2013, it changed its name to be: Cassidy Galleries. When you click the link for Estate Gallaries on the website of liveauctioneers.com, it will become Cassidy Galleries.

Another person in North Carolina Mr. M. consigned about 10 collectible items to Estate Galleries in October 2012, then Mr. M. asked for the check many many times. The autioneer Gary Nadel kept saying: "will send check soon", "will send check next week". Mr. M. has never received anything.

Later in 2013, Mr. M. found that the company has moved to Florida.

Mr. Gary Nadel denied that Cassidy Galleries has anything to do with him. Obviously he wanted the consigners stop asking for his payments as he is out of the business. But if you call 954-545-0970 (number of Cassidy Galleries), it is Mr. Nadel who picks up the phone.

Mr.Hoffman said:"I have lost items to Gary Nadel as well.
He had four items he was going to sell for me. I finally received payment for two (after hounding he and showing up at the auction site on Whittaker Mill Rd repeatedly) although I believe he sold them for much more than he paid me. I picked up the third item and the forth (a set of six dining room chairs) are now "missing in action".

Hoping you have any contact information for him. Judging by what I read with a quick internet search, I'm not optimistic about receiving my chairs or payment."

Mr. M. paid over $4000 to purchase the items for auction. Mr. Nadel said $742.88 is waht he owes. Even this small amount has never been paid.

The following is the communication between Mr. M and Mr. Nadel, it is obviously a fraud or Thief as Mr. Hoffman said.

Address of Cassidy Galleries
650 East Sample Rd
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
United States [博讯综合报道] (boxun.com) 2981009