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Foxconn drops lawsuit against two China Business News journalists

(Sept. 05, 2006)
Reporters Without Borders welcomed the 4 September decision of Taiwanese company Foxconn, an Apple subcontractor, to drop a defamation case against two journalists from China Business News.

Wang You and Weng Bao on 15 June exposed poor working conditions in one of its factories.

The press freedom organisation had written to Apple's CEO asking him to intervene on behalf of the reporters who were facing extremely heavy fines.

"We note that some companies are aware of their ethical responsibilities", it said. "We hope that Apple's actions in handling this crisis will serve as an example to other computer and Internet giants who invest in China, in particular Yahoo!"

"One cannot say it too often: It is possible to work in this country without giving up ones values. We therefore call on foreign businesses to demonstrate moral courage when they enter the Chinese market," said Reporters Without Borders.

For further details about this case go to:
http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=18691 (boxun.com)

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