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China Green Party: Save the Chinese Environmental Activists from Hell

(Aug. 10, 2006)

(Litter to Greens all of the world)

The China Green Party has been conformed that Mr. Tan Kai, the founder of "Green Watch" (an environmental civil society group), still under detention by the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) since 17th Oct.2005 in China . Then he and other five environmentalists tried to register an independent organisation for environmental protection. Such organisations which are really independent from party-authority have not been so far allowed to register and run in China , because their activities and influences could be seen as unstable factors jeopardising the authority of one-party-governance. To Chinese regime, the control and manipulation of leaders should be very critical to control and manipulate their organisations. Any civil leader should be controllable; otherwise, there is no chance for them to be active.

Beili from the CGP (China Green Party) have contacted Tan Kai's Lawyer Mr. Heping Li (Tel:) and Tan's father (tel: 13065769886). They have told BeiLi that the court granted the procurator's request for postponement of trial on 15 may 2005. Two months after , the local authorities even refuse to give further information but said seek for more evidence. Meanwhile, we have learned Tan Kai hasn't seen his doctor and his family since the arrestment.

We have also learned from Stacy Mosher, the Communications Director of Human Rights in China ( [email protected] )that another environment activist Mr. Sun Xiaodi , a former Uranium Mine worker is still under house arrest after had been tried to report the nuclear pollution and the corruption from "792 Uranium Mine" in Gansu Province , Northwest China. Mr. Sun told HRIC (Human Rights in China ) that the local government frequently cut off his electricity and water supply. His telephone also has been tapped.

Beili has contacted Mr Sun Xiaodi's Ex-colleague Ding Fawan (Tel: 09413366287), and learned that Uranium pollution is severely effect the local river which have junction with Yangtze River . Moreover, those contaminated implements were sold to the public all over China. Mr. Ding told Beili that "792 Uranium Mine" was forced to shut down in 1994 by central government. However, uranium is still mined and manufactured as well as sold without appropriate governing. Mr. Ding also complained about his living condition, said he was force to dismiss from work since the mine had been shut down officially, leaving him without appropriate pension, health welfare and accommodation.

We as China Green Party can not ignore this grievous evildoing by Chinese authorities, and wait for them come to excruciate more of our green brothers and sisters. We cry out to please other greens and environmentalists around the world join us together to condemn such evildoing against the right behaviour of environmental activists.

Human rights as well as social justice and environmental protection are without frontiers. The suppressed environmental activists need concern and helps from the entire world. When communicate with and cooperate with Chinese government, you may mention the names of Mr. Tan Kai and Sun Xiaodi, to show your sympathy and responsibility. If you have special funding resources or other forms of support for them, please contact their family or lawyers directly.

Environmental sustainability is impossible without social justice, and social justice is impossible without democratic politics and monocracy. Being the new comer in the global family of Greens, China Green Party confronts incredibly difficult challenges due to the distinctive political context and social circumstance. We will try our best to gather together and protect especially the civil environmental activists like us in China in order to promote environmental movement as well as environment friendly social transition in our society.

Relevant information collected from internet is attached as below.

The Standing Committee of China Green Party

Beili ( [email protected] )
Li Haocheng ( [email protected] )
2006-07-22 (boxun.com)

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