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Century China describes how it was closed down

(Aug. 02, 2006)
The people who ran Century China, a very influential website among Chinese intellectuals, have posted a statement on the Internet that contains the text of the official message ordering its closure. It shows that Century China was accused of violating the September 2005 law which Reporters Without Borders dubbed the "Internet 11 Commandments" (http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=15139).

The message was sent by the Monitoring Bureau of the Beijing Communications Administration to the Beijing Zhongqing Future Community Culture Development Research Institute, which founded Century China jointly with the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000. The message says:

"The Century China website www.cc.org.cn and the Century Salon forum www.ccforum.org.cn (Internet Content Provider registration number Beijing 041040), for which your institute is responsible, are not complying with the Administration's provisions on Internet news reports and have illegally established news sections. This represents a serious violation of the Regulations of the Administration on Internet News Reports [the Internet 11 Commandments] Š Under article 19 of these Regulations, your institute must immediately close the Century China website and Century Salon forum."

After receiving this note, those in charge of Century China asked the authorities for an explanation as the site had not published any news reports. After receiving no reply, they decided not to close the site of their own accord, thereby refusing to let the "execution" be portrayed as "suicide." They had heeded the Internet 11 Commandments and had made all the necessary changes to Century China to bring it into compliance, they said. As the site was therefore completely legal, its forced closure was "based on no logic" and was "unacceptable," they added.

The statement is available on the Boxun website (in Chinese): http://www.bowenpress.com/cn/2006/china/86_1.shtml (boxun.com)

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