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Six people were arrested for using Internet without showing ID

(July 23, 2006)(On July 19th, FuZhou) Police arrested six people who were using the Internet in a NetBar without confirming real names.

The official newspaper said "this is for enforcing the Internet control - users must use real names to use Internet".

The arrested were released in three hours, the NetBar will ne published. Boxun accroding to the official news.

China's real ID system requires that Internet users must purchase card from certified locations by showing ID. The card is issued by Police and carries the buyer's picture, name, ID #.

To enfore the control, NetBar has to install Card reader and software, police will monitor each person's activities in real time.

According to Boxun.com, this practice violates users privacy seriously. At the same time, police can punish users for economic reason as police will fine users who "violate" the rule.

The arrest in FuZhou also indicates interest conflicts between Internet business and police department. Police must be making a good profit from issuing Card, while police can also have a good income by fining NetBars.

More surprising, ChongQing (claimed to be the 3rd largest city in China) is preparing a law that requires users registering with real name even when using Internet at home. Internet users are angered by this proposal, but it may come to real!

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