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'TOTAL was Totally Rejected'

(June 29, 2006)Published by Burma' s Chinese

Sometimes ago, SOS Clarion Call (both in English and French) was advertise in the Internet appealing to the compassionate, sympathetic, individuals and organizations including the patriotic Burmese in Diaspora. Paradoxically, the first positive response was from TOTAL via our partners. Every body knows the works of TOTAL not only in Burma but also in Africa and Third World Countries. We thank them for the offer but we are sorry to say that we cannot accept their offer.

Knowing full well that education is the best investment for our country, EWOB had initiated the humanitarian projects starting with one sewing machine, way back in 1992 and since then has come a long way adhering to our principles and ethics. AEIOU (which is part of EWOB) cannot deviate from their avowed goal of building a future Burma on the foundation stone of democracy, human rights and self- determination and will always endeavour to be an exemplary to the young students. We would humbly convey the message that we adhere to the policy of academic freedom in attempting to educate and train the future leaders and citizens of Burma. And may we once again appeal to the prospective donors.


Even though business always over rules the conscience TOTAL goes beyond that and is the only oil company that have cooperated with the military Junta to forcibly relocate thousands of villages without any compensation to make way for the oil pipe line. In other words it is indirectly responsible for the ethnic cleansing of the Mon and Karen villagers that lay in the pipe line. Annually TOTAL is giving $400 million to the Burmese Junta just for the right to extract oil in Burma. With this money the Junta buy lots of weapons to exterminate the democratic and ethnic forces. TOTAL 's oil giant budget is far bigger that the French government, who had signed the EU Common position not to deal with the military Junta. The French authorities are unable to control TOTAL.

Burma is not the only place, that TOTAL do like this. In Sudan and in many dictatorial countries TOTAL cooperated with the dictators to prey on the human and natural resources. (boxun.com)

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