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Appeal court upholds cyber-dissident Li Changqing's three-year sentence

(June 26, 2006)
According to Boxun, a news website based aboard, an appeal court in the city of Fuzhou (in the southeastern province of Fujian) has upheld the three-year prison sentence which Li Changqing received in January for allegedly fabricating and disseminating "alarmist information" on the Internet.

Arrested in February 2005, Li is currently in Yongan prison, where he has undergone a "course of adaptation to prison life." For the first time since his arrest, his wife was able to visit him on 15 June. She said he had a stomach inflammation and was very weak.

(From RSF.org)

http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=16221 (boxun.com)

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